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Hello ACRES Interns! Welcome to the ACRES blog. Each week you'll write a journal entry about your experiences here at MSU, the research you're conducting, what you're learning, struggling with and how this experience is shaping your career and academic interests. Also make time to comment on at least 2 other blog posts featured on... Continue Reading →

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Week 10: All’s Well That Ends Better

These past ten weeks have been phenomenal. It's been such a pleasure getting to know everyone here, and it's very bittersweet that it's now over. I'm very happy with how my research turned out. I'll be continuing it into the fall semester and getting publication out of it. I know for sure that this is... Continue Reading →

Week 10 – The Twofer

There's a famous joke about Sartre in a coffee shop, but it won't fit here: I'm always reminded of the Dutch who order Patat met, meaning  Fries with, where with implies mayonnaise: the default condiment. Those who don't want mayonnaise are forced to ask for Patat zonder, translating to Fries without. What a strange little idiosyncrasy of language –... Continue Reading →

To Be Continued…

In this last week of the REU, I had to pull all my results from my docking jobs together for the poster presentation and the final presentation. To visualize this data, Alex wanted me to graph the docking scores of the ligands to the transition states against the scores of the crystal structure (as seen... Continue Reading →

It’s Over !

So today marks the last day of my first REU experience. This has been very amazing for me. Everyone has made such a impact and was very nice which truly helped me with being here. The guidance that everyone provided allowed for this process to go swell also. Hopefully, I can implement what I've learned... Continue Reading →

Week 9: Crunch Central

I found an interesting article about a recent study showing that heat negatively affects on our ability to be productive and learn. Anyway, the end is in sight! The poster is nearly due and not nearly done. I found out Tuesday night, when I should have been writing this, that my data was not yet... Continue Reading →

Woah, say what?!

Sooooo, first I'd like to start off by stating that I am so surprised (but so relieved) that we are finally in week nine. I know I thought this would never come and when I'm writing my blog post for next week I will probably be saying the same thing lol. Moving forward, over the... Continue Reading →

Week 8 – Reprise

"And now for a brief public service announcement: Alligators. Can they kill your children? Yes. Along those lines, to get personal for a moment, I think the best way to die would be: swallowed by a giant snake. Going feet first and whole into a slimy maw would give your life perfect symmetry." Welcome to... Continue Reading →

Week 8: A Cool Turn of Events

Week 8 has brought with it the best turn of events of the summer. My Coleman Cooling Pad finally arrived. After so many long, hot, sweaty, miserable, sleepless night in Bryan Hall, I can finally sleep relatively peacefully. In other news, my simulations are now (mostly) running. One of the equation of states I'm using... Continue Reading →

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