Cosmic Rays: Week 9

Putting aside administrative work related to talks, posters, and documentation on my work for the summer, this week some interesting data came back on the effect of cosmic rays on the cgm and star formation rate of an idealized galaxy.   Basically the additional pressure exerted by energetic particles enable cool gas to exist closer to... Continue Reading →

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Hello ACRES Interns! Welcome to the ACRES blog. Each week you'll write a journal entry about your experiences here at MSU, the research you're conducting, what you're learning, struggling with and how this experience is shaping your career and academic interests. Also make time to comment on at least 2 other blog posts featured on... Continue Reading →

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[1-Intro to Program/Project Work]

The first day was comprised mostly of orientation type activities (introduction to the program and the idea of research). The highlight of the day was when we got to meet our mentors and discuss the plans for the research project.  Our mentor (Jasmine and I), Alex's current research, was mostly focused on drugs, particularly the... Continue Reading →

Week 1

This week has been an amazing experience all around. I've already learned a great deal about MSU's supercomputer and how to use it. There's certainly more to come with our upcoming training, and I'm super excited! I have an awesome mentor and coworker who is so enthusiastic about our project. Prior experience with relevant knowledge... Continue Reading →

Week 1—Expectations

Thanks to the hard work of Carey and Camille, the other students and I made it to East Lansing with (relatively) few hiccups! I spent the first couple days learning the ins and outs of Michigan State in a process reminiscent of freshman year, getting to know the other students in the program, and learning... Continue Reading →


What do I expect? I think the main thing I am expecting to leave this program with is a better understanding of computational biology. Biology - I get it, I understand it, I love it; the computational side of this is when everything gets hazy. But yet, I still find it interesting and yearn to... Continue Reading →

Week One

So, week one has started and happens to be almost over. All individuals apart of the program seem nice, which is great. Day one of project work was slow. We (myself and Liz) introduced ourselves to the fine individuals that we will be working with during these ten weeks and became more informed on the... Continue Reading →


I'm uncertain. Especially since writing about myself tends to become a convoluted task. (Its hard for me to tell what I think when I'm thinking about thinking.) The project is neat, the people are nice (shout-out to the plant genomics crew), I don't have much to say at this point. It all seems too early.... Continue Reading →

Week 10!

It's crazy that this program is already done and that I will be going home today, but I am so grateful for this opportunity and I'm really happy that I was a part of iCER ACRES this summer. I met amazing people and had a lot of fun learning about bioinformatics and bacterial diversity! This... Continue Reading →

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