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Hello ACRES Interns! Welcome to the ACRES blog. Each week you'll write a journal entry about your experiences here at MSU, the research you're conducting, what you're learning, struggling with and how this experience is shaping your career and academic interests. Also make time to comment on at least 2 other blog posts featured on... Continue Reading →

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Week 5 – Art

Those who have insinuated that Menard devoted his life to writing a contemporary Quixote besmirch his illustrious memory. Pierre Menard did not want to compose another Quixote, which surely is easy enough – he wanted to compose the Quixote.... His admirable ambition was to produce a number of pages which coincided – word for word and line for... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – The Big Kahuna

I've started running simulations! Time to see how far my walkers can get in 24 hours. Though 24 hours is the unofficial limit for my research group's development nodes, my PI may allow me to extend that limit if need be. Looking forward to getting my first results. Since it's going to take so long,... Continue Reading →

Dare to be dumb

Hi all, I've been out for a while. Having to take finals manages to do that to a person. I missed two blog posts along the way, but I will be sure to make those up.   The REU experience has had me feeling quite stupid, to say the least! In spite of having had... Continue Reading →

Week 5: New Project, New Obstacles

After MANY issues with licensing, Hyunji and I finally got one ligand docked to a protein manually and then were able to prepare the 795 total by running 20 separate jobs on the hpcc today (if we hadn't split them, it would have taken 2 days to run them and we probably would have been... Continue Reading →

Week 5 :)

As I noted on my previous blog post, me and Sarah decided to move to different project where we are researching about protein-ligand docking process with Dr.Merz. So far, I am having a great time working with Dr.Merz and his graduate students 🙂 They are very organized, and I already started running protein-ligand docking stimulation... Continue Reading →

Week 5: Southern Hospitality

It took me nearly 22 years, but I finally figured out what they meant by "southern hospitality." It simply means: "We have air conditioning."   Week 5 has brought with it several new challenges. I'm now in the thick of my project, and experiencing all of the issues that come with that. The code is,... Continue Reading →

Chinaza’s Week 5 Update :)

I decided to go ahead and write my blog post right now because I am currently waiting on my code to finish running. It is doing a lot of files at once so it will take a while. Sadly, I had to return my skates because I bought the wrong kind- meant for indoors and... Continue Reading →

Week Five: Getting Over the Hump

Slight problem with the results I received from my simulation. It ran smoothly and on the surface looked fine; however, when plotted as points it was noticed that at 0.4 ps the total energy was doubling itself for some reason. Alex wanted me to look at the simulation on the host to figure out why,... Continue Reading →

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