Week 1: Expectations

At the end of the day my expectations for the summer can be boiled down to a very brief statement: I expect to do computationally intensive science in an environment conducive to science. After the hours of training in a variety of sessions, I think every student in this reu program understands what "computationally intensive"... Continue Reading →



Visiting MSU as a participant in the iCER ACRES program, I have high expectations as this is my first REU. As one of 12 students participating in the REU, it is evident that we are all in good hands by the staff here at MSU and those coordinating the program. I hope that this experience will... Continue Reading →


My name is Ben Slimmer, and I'm very excited to be participating in iCER ACRES! I'm a sophomore physics major from Clemson University, and I'll be working under Dr. Filomena Nunes at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory this summer. While I'm not entirely certain of my role yet, the project I will be working on... Continue Reading →

Introduction and Expectations

This summer will be working under Dr. Ashley Shade with microbiology and molecular genetics. I will be working with my mentor Taylor Dunivin who focuses on bacterial resistance to arsenic, in both forms of  arsenate and arsenite. By testing arsenic-resistant genes from various microbial communities in topsoil around the world, it will be possible to quantify a baseline of... Continue Reading →

Blog #1 – Expectations!

Hi! It's almost at the end of my first week at the iCER ACRES REU program at MSU! This past week, we've attended many workshops and seminars on a variety of topics ranging from Introduction to Linux to research paper citations. I've also met with the lab I'll be working with (s/o to Shade Lab)... Continue Reading →


Howdy everyone! As you're probably aware, I'm an undergraduate CS student (with an applied math minor) at Texas State University and I'll be working this summer with Dr. O'Shea on investigating the dynamics of circumgalactic gaseous halos to hopefully further our understanding on how galaxies regulate themselves. I guess a fun fact about myself is that my... Continue Reading →

Blog Post #1: Expectations

Hey y'all, I hope your first weeks all treated you well. I thought the seminar boot-camp was informative, but I'm pretty stoked to actually be working on the research now...kinda. Song and I have spent actually the majority of the past two days learning R, which is fair considering it's what we'll be using for... Continue Reading →

Blog Post 1- Introduction/Expectations

I am Alex McKim and I am a rising senior at Clemson studying Computer Science, Economics, and Mathematical Sciences. I am working on Biodiversity with Dr. Andrew Finley, and also Dr. Pheobe Zarnetske and Dr. Quentin Read. My project, broadly, will be coming up with new algorithms involving tree data structures in order to make... Continue Reading →

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