Cosmic Rays: Week 9

Putting aside administrative work related to talks, posters, and documentation on my work for the summer, this week some interesting data came back on the effect of cosmic rays on the cgm and star formation rate of an idealized galaxy.   Basically the additional pressure exerted by energetic particles enable cool gas to exist closer to... Continue Reading →


More data and poster-making, Susanna

During this past week I have gotten more data/figures from diversity analysis and worked on my poster for the MID-SURE presentation. My diversity analysis has shown that arsenic-resistant genes (AsRG) are prevalent in many diverse soil types (all our samples had AsRG in them), showing that diverse soil microbiomes potentially have the ability to respond... Continue Reading →

Almost There!

This week has been a bit of a hassle, where school applications drafts and finals, resumes, personal statements, posters, and a power-point are due. It's a lot but we will get through and as I fill out these applications and review my information it has been a learning experience. I speak differently, the way I... Continue Reading →

Week 9, Alex

This week has been spent beginning my poster and testing my code on a machine that my advisor has in his lab. I am running these tests to get an idea of the time it takes to test data sets, one small and one large, under different parallel settings. I will then average these times... Continue Reading →

Week 9- Crunch Time

Things have gotten a little busy at the office as work has been wrapping up. We've really been pushing to get a working solution for the coupled channels case, after finally successfully debugging the single channel case. We appear to be getting very, very close to a solution with a minor continuity error still apparent... Continue Reading →

Week 9 Sean

Hey y'all, This week I spent a lot of time being stuck on my code and working on my poster. Hopefully, my grad student mentor can offer some guidance, or at least a second pair of eyes. On the other hand, the poster is going well, and I just finished my second draft today. After... Continue Reading →

Gonna Miss You, MSU

We've been at MSU for over 50 days now and my time here has seemingly flown by. I still remember getting the email from Brian back in March for a follow-up phone call and calmly bursting with joy. I've since biked all over campus, where I'm able (and maybe some places where I shouldn't, heh),... Continue Reading →

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