Last day!

I can't believe this program is over; it was more than I could have ever expected and I am incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity. I learned more than I imagined, bonded with lab members as well as participants in the REU, and believe I gained substantial skills both professionally as well as... Continue Reading →


Week 10-Farewell

This program has sadly drawn to a close. I have truly learned so much from participating in ACRES and I can't imagine a better way I could have spent my summer. I have greatly enjoyed the work I've done in computational nuclear physics, and presenting my work at MidSURE and the ACRES presentation seminar was... Continue Reading →

Week 10, Songhao Li

After finishing the poster, conference presentations, and final presentations, we hung out as a group for the last night and had a great time bonding! It was a great experience and I've met some great friends through this program. I will sincerely miss the people I've met here and will continue focusing research on topics... Continue Reading →

Alex Week 10

For this final blog post, I will write a summary of the final results of my project. The fastest algorithm that I implemented can find the nearest neighbors of one million points and 15 neighbors takes roughly between 20-25 seconds, while the brute force solution would take hours for the same problem. One of the... Continue Reading →

Week 10 Sean

Hey everyone, In case you haven't realized, this is the last week. That means that we probably won't see each other for a long time. Admittedly, this hasn't quite hit me yet, but I wanted to thank all of you for making this experience so enjoyable. In my opinion, everyone gave very respectable presentations this... Continue Reading →

Last Week, Last Day

All good things always come to an end, though we don't want to go we have to as this is only the first step into the graduate life. Being apart of this program and meeting students from different research groups such as Summer Research Opportunities Program, BEACON and ENSURE. Truly, being apart of iCER ACRES... Continue Reading →

Farewell (Week 10)

The program is completely over now, and I just want to say that I enjoyed my summer here at MSU. I expect that the most valuable thing to come from this experience will have been my being able to connect with professionals in the field of theoretical nuclear physics. I may or may not decide... Continue Reading →

Jane’s Week 9

It's hard to believe that the program is over, and it was quite an experience to sum up everything I've done this summer and put it onto one poster. I definitely got a sense of research last week when I had to redo a process because it was incorrect the first time, and it was... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Rays: Week 9

Putting aside administrative work related to talks, posters, and documentation on my work for the summer, this week some interesting data came back on the effect of cosmic rays on the cgm and star formation rate of an idealized galaxy.   Basically the additional pressure exerted by energetic particles enable cool gas to exist closer to... Continue Reading →

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