Introductory Adventures at MSU

Updates on arrival and week 1 work and goal setting


Beginning Research on AsRG Diversity

My research is on the diversity of arsenic-resistant genes (AsRG) in soil bacteria. Questions that my mentor has been thinking about are: What are AsRG concentrations across soils? How does the diversity of AsRGs change between soils? Can this be mostly predicted or explained by what species make up the community in the soil? Metadata of various... Continue Reading →

Introduction and Expectations

This summer will be working under Dr. Ashley Shade with microbiology and molecular genetics. I will be working with my mentor Taylor Dunivin who focuses on bacterial resistance to arsenic, in both forms of  arsenate and arsenite. By testing arsenic-resistant genes from various microbial communities in topsoil around the world, it will be possible to quantify a baseline of... Continue Reading →

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